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Scope R5 Carbon Clincher

Image of Scope R5 Carbon Clincher

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Scope R5 Carbon Clincher

Reference: SR5FCND

Rim Tape
Tubeless Valves
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The main objective of the Scope R5 is to build up and maintain high speeds. The 26 mm width and 55 mm high rim provides excellent aerodynamics, saving a significant amount of watts. In addition, the R5 is extremely stiff, making it ideal for sprints where the bike is pushed to the limit. Contrary to what one might think, the R5 can also be used in cross winds due to the wide shape of the rim. Above all, the R5 just looks great and is a real eye-catcher.

Extreme Braking - Fast wheels mean that you also have to brake hard. For the rim brake series Scope has developed a special braking surface compound and brake pads that are tuned to fit this brake track. Even in rainy conditions you will feel confident in the longest and steepest descents. The unique resin used by Scope in the carbon rims can handle an industry leading high temperature of 260°C.

Aero and Tubeless - Computational Fluid Dynamics are used iteratively in order to reduce the drag and crosswind influence from all angles, while benchmarking and outperforming other premium brands. The tire bed of the rim is optimized for tubeless tires while being compatible with all clincher tires The internal width of the rim is 19 mm, when mounting a 25 mm tire the actual tire diameter will become 26 mm thereby perfectly joining the sidewalls of the rim.

Designed for radial lacing front and 2x lacing rear

Weight 517g