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ENVE G2 Carbon Front Hub 20H

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ENVE G2 Carbon Front Hub 20H

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Full-Carbon road front hub paired with a rear which is available in three different freehub body options, this improves drive response, saves weight and increases wheel build stiffness via a refined hub flange geometry, and lacing pattern. The hub's new geometry is paired with a new high engagement ratchet and premium stainless steel bearings, making this, the highest performance road hub available.

By moulding the entire hub shell from carbon, you can achieve substantial weight savings without sacrificing the hub's geometry. Conversely, if you want to make a lightweight alloy hub, you need to reduce the weight of the hub shell which requires compromising the hub's geometry in the name of weight savings.

When developing a new hub that must meet "best-in-class" performance metrics, it goes without saying that the drive system is figuratively and literally responsible for setting the tone of the entire product. The carbon road hub features a 40T ratchet with 9 degrees of engagement and strikes a fine balance between responsiveness and long term reliability. When ratchet-type drive systems with tooth count greater than 40T were tested, reliability was diminished exponentially.