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Stans Grail CB7 Carbon Road Disc/Gravel Wheelset

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Stans Grail CB7 Carbon Road Disc/Gravel Wheelset

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Light, yet robust Carbon Road/Gravel/CX Disc wheelset using a mixture of components for the world's top brands.

Rims - The Grail CB7 rim combines an incredibly light 300g weight with the stability, control, and reliability of the most trusted tubeless system. Today’s road and gravel tires have evolved. Yesterday’s slow-rolling 23mm tires and energy-robbing extreme air pressures have been replaced with wider, faster, and more comfortable tire designs. The Grail CB7 is the first rim built specifically around this new breed of tire.

Designed for disc brakes and tubeless tires, the Grail CB7’s patented low-profile rims increase strength while reducing weight. Taking full advantage of today’s larger volume, lower pressure tubeless tires, the rim shape and carbon lay-up of the Grail CB7 allow for outstanding lateral stiffness while offering the softest riding feel of any rim. The BST tubeless rim design of the Grail CB7 has a maximum tire pressure of 85psi (5.9 bar), offering incredible performance for 28-40mm road and gravel tires. Less shoulder and arm fatigue and decreased rolling resistance mean more speed and longer distances. Whether you’re on pavement, gravel, or the cyclocross course, the Grail CB7 is smoother and faster.

Hubs - Numerous Options

Spokes - Choice of Sapin Race or CX Ray with various spoke nipple options

Comes complete with 2 layers of Stan's yellow rim tape to complete the tubeless ready set-up

Spoke Count/Lacing Patterns

24/24 2x/2x
24/28 2x/3x
28/28 2x/3x