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Which wheels are right for me?

Which wheels are right for me?

If we had a pound for every time we were asked this . . . well you get our drift.

Well the answer depends on a number of variables, some are obvious and others less so and for every person the answer will probably be different. Let's start with the basics.

What type of bike do you have? This may not be such a daft questions as it sounds. Once we have established if it is a MTB, road, Road Disc, E-Bike etc. we come to some of the more nuanced questions.

What type of wheelset do you (think you) want? Are you looking for a nice light climbing wheelset for that dream holiday in the Alps or a full-on Aero set for the Tri season? Are you wanting a 'bomb proof' set for your MTB Enduro race or a lightweight Lefty for your Cannondale XC race machine?

Okay, now for a couple of vulgar questions, yes we are sorry but this needs to be asked.

What is your riding style? Are you a 70kg 'bike breaker' who takes route one on every line or a 110kg rider who carefully avoids pot holes and un-weights their bike over obstacles? We have to be guided by you for this of course

How heavy are you in your riding kit? This is of course fundamental to what wheelset best suits your needs. We build strong and robust wheels but a 6' 6", 110kg rider standing on the pedals going up a 14% gradient may experience some flex on a 1400g 20/24 climbing set! Far better sacrifice a few grams and increase the spoke count as less flex = less wasted energy = faster.

Another delicate question is what is your budget? We can cater for most budgets, from mid range to top end wheelsets, but cannot perform the impossible. We only build on components we know and trust and don't do cheap carbon or so called composite rims.

Ultimately your choice of wheels usually depends on an element of compromise. Cycling legend Keith Bontrager’s well-known quote, “strong, light, cheap, pick two”, is a very simple but incredibly effective description of any bike parts. If something is strong & light it’s not going to be cheap, i.e. a top end carbon rim. We can help guide you through the decision making process to ensure that you end up with the best wheelset in terms of performance, value and components. One thing we will not compromise on is the quality of the build.