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Following on from their first generation carbon road hubs, ENVE has re-entered the arena with 2 separate offerings.

Their ‘entry level’ alloy road hubs are available in both non disc and centre lock disc format. The non disc version comes in 20 hole front (100g) and 24 hole rear (252g) and centre lock disc 24 hole front (126g) and rear (250g) format matching the spoke count of their road bike rims.

ENVE alloy front road hubENVE alloy rear road hub

At the top end there is their newly designed carbon road hubs which are only available in non disc format with a 20 hole front (70g) and 24 hole rear (185).

ENVE G2 carbon front hubENVE G2 carbon rear hub

There is no doubt that these hubs are a high quality offering and feature a number of new and innovative features, such as the ENVE Perfect Preload ™ and increased flange area, which both saves weight and increases strength in the area required.


  • Lighter hub shell without compromising on strength
  • Shorter spoke lengths again saving weight
  • ENVE Perfect Preload ™ requiring no tools or adjustment
  • Precision stainless steel bearings