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As ENVE Approved Wheel Builders we leave nothing to chance.

Investing in a set of PT Cycles hand built ENVE wheels is just that, an investment. In exchange you will have the total peace of mind that your ENVE wheelset is protected and supported by both PT Cycles and ENVE under the ENVE 5 Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Incident Protection. For more information please click here.

All PT Cycles ENVE wheels are hand built in house to ENVE standards by our ENVE Approved Master Wheel Builder Paul. This means we can offer builds on a wide selection of hubs, with the reassurance that every ENVE wheel leaving our bench is finished to the highest possible standards. Our Price Match Promise also means that you cannot buy cheaper elsewhere.

Our ENVE wheelsets are supplied with tubeless rim tape and valves fitted, with rim brake variants provided with 2 sets of ENVE brake pads so you will have spares on hand when you need them.

Below you will see some examples of our ENVE builds, whilst more detailed listings can be found under each individual riding discipline from our home page. Our 'Recommended Builds' show our most popular wheelsets, whilst the 'Configure My Own' gives you total control over every component and the ability to order a single wheel should you wish.