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Introducing the all new ENVE SES wheel line

26th of May, 2022

https://www.ptcycles.co.uk/upldir/news/SES 6.7https://www.ptcycles.co.uk/upldir/news/https://www.ptcycles.co.uk/upldir/news/


ENVE's Real-World Fast philosophy means developing wheels and components that perform not just in the wind tunnel, but on the open road, on your bike, at the speeds you ride. New for 2022, is a refined SES wheel line-up that delivers SES aero excellence, and a premium ride feel for a more efficient, confidence-inspiring ride experience.

Hand built in-house by our Master Wheel Builder Paul, our ENVE Recommended Builds can be customised on a wide choice of hubs to suit your needs and budget.

There are 4 new rims, ranging from climbing to aero.

SES 2.3 - purpose-built for the mountains. Ultra-light, respectfully aerodynamic, and optimized for tubeless tires, the SES 2.3 raises the bar for performance through hilly and mountainous terrain.

SES 3.4 - Versatile, aero, light, and fast. The SES 3.4 has been a staple in the SES wheel family, and the newest iteration takes the best features of the previous generation SES 3.4 and 3.4 AR to make the ultimate modern road wheelset. There’s simply nothing more versatile than the SES 3.4.

SES 4.5 - When speed across most any terrain is priority number one, look no further than the SES 4.5. Originally designed for the cobbles and crosswinds of Paris-Roubaix to provide an aero benefit with high volume tires, the SES 4.5 was the first of its kind and is now re-designed to deliver more speed in a lighter package.

SES 6.7 - Striking the ultimate balance between weight savings, stability, aerodynamics, and rolling efficiency, the SES 6.7 defines Real-World Fast and raises the bar for modern aero wheel performance. Grams of rim, versus grams of drag, make the SES 6.7 the outright fastest wheel on the road.

Key points: -

  • Tubeless/Hookless rim bead seat design
  • Simplified model line-up with AR, rim brake and tubular models discontinued

For now the SES 7.8 model remains unchanged and whilst a replacement is planned, at the time of writing there is no ETA for this. ENVE state the SES 7.8 remains the fastest wheel in the SES line when used with 25mm tyres.

Stock is available for builds on DT Swiss 240 EXP J bend, straight pull and 180 EXP hubs. Other hubs are subject to lead times dependent on the make and colour/model.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss your proposed build.


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