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ENVE M640 27.5

Image of ENVE M640 27.5
ENVE M640 27.5
ENVE M640 27.5
ENVE M640 27.5
ENVE M640 27.5

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ENVE M640 27.5

Reference: EN256402728

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The all new ENVE M Series M640 Rim
Wide Hookless Bead is part of ENVE's Dynamic Impact Designed which was born to solve the problems associated with carbon rim designs. Traditional hookless rims are strong, stiff, reliably tubeless and light but require more material for strength, tend to ride harsh, and are susceptible to pinch flatting tyres. Once the tyre has flatted, there is nothing but the rubber itself to absorb impact energy for the trail. Unfortunately a pinch flat is often the precursor to a damaged carbon rim. Dynamic Impact Design by ENVE aims to solve this problem.
Application: Trail & Enduro
Designed for bikes with 100-160mm travel
Tyre width: 2.8in – 3.2in wide
Internal rim width: 40mm
External rim width: 49mm
Rim depth: 25mm
28 moulded spoke holes per rim
Rim weight: 450g