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DT Swiss HX 531 27.5" E Bike Rim

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DT Swiss HX 531 27.5" E Bike Rim

Spoke Count
Spoke Nipples
Rim Tape
Tubeless Valves
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E-MTB's are a whole ton of fun but there's no denying that they are extremely hard on components, especially wheels

It's not just the extra mass; the huge, sustained torque an E-bike and rider can produce means standard wheels simply don't last
This is where DT's Mission Hybrid comes in, a whole line of rims specifically designed to go the distance under regular E-MTB usage
For the Hybrid rims the key difference is a thicker, reinforced spoke bed, increasing Pull-through force by 20% at a key failure point for E-MTBs and greatly extending fatigue life for minimal weight gain

The tubeless ready optimized rim bed provides fast tire installation, a great tire fit, and quick trouble-free tubeless setup
The DT Swiss welding process leaves an extremely consistent and strong weld joint
The included PHR washers and convex Squorx nipples naturally align perfectly with your chosen spokes, increasing stiffness and durability with no weight penalty over traditional eyeleted rims
Unique process for the black coating produces a tough and durable finish

Weight limit: 150 KG
Weight 555 grams (27.5 inch) or 590 grams (29 inch)
Outer width 35 mm Inner width 30 mm
Height 21