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DT Swiss GR 531 Disc

Image of DT Swiss GR 531 Disc
DT Swiss GR 531 Disc

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DT Swiss GR 531 Disc

Wheel Size
Spoke Count
Spoke Nipples
Rim Tape
Tubeless Valves
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Freed from UCI regulation, the DT Swiss Gravel range was free to go as wide as DT's test data suggested, after extensive testing of different tyre profiles and rim shapes, DT engineers have settled on a full 24 mm as the perfect width for modern Gravel bikes

The added width gives better support to wide, 35c or larger tyres, allowing the use of lower pressures, enhancing grip and comfort whilst reducing rolling resistance and tyre flex under cornering

A substantial 130 KG weight limit means these rims can be used for bike packing or light touring

Need a rim for cyclocross racing or just something a bit less specific? Check out the RR 481 Cross Road, which is fully UCI compliant and a great option for 30-35c tyres

Whilst primarily designed for tubeless use, the GR 531 can also easily be used with standard clinchers and tubes

Unlike the lightweight XC mountain bike rims that have been used as impromptu gravel rims in the past these are proper road rims and designed to handle higher pressures safely

Strength Boost Welding Technology creates a perfectly welded join for a durable, reliable rim

PHR washers and convex Squorx nipples naturally align perfectly with your chosen spokes, increasing stiffness and durability with no weight penalty over traditional eyeleted rims

Unique process for the black coating produces a tough and durable finish

Presta drilling

Outer width: 28 mm, Inner Width: 24 mm, Height: 25 mm