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ENVE Foundation 65 Road Disc Clincher Wheelset

Image of ENVE Foundation 65 Road Disc Clincher Wheelset
ENVE Foundation 65 Road Disc Clincher Wheelset

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ENVE Foundation 65 Road Disc Clincher Wheelset

Freehub Body
Tubeless Sealant
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The ENVE 65 benefits from a knowledge base that has been established over more than a decade’s worth of aero wheel development.

To achieve the low drag and high stability performance the ENVE 65 offers, ENVE takes cues from its top of the line SES line up. This trickle down approach from ENVE’s top-of-the-line products means the ENVE 65’s outperform, or perform similar to, competitor’s wheels that are upmarket in price.

Featuring ENVE’s Wide Hookless Bead technology, the ENVE 65 disperses any impact from pot holes, curbs and debris over a wide area, reducing the likelihood of pinch flats.

Patented Molded Spoke and Valve Stem Hole Technology results in rims that are light and strong. Because carbon fibre gets its strength from continuous fibers, ENVE routes the fibres around the hole without cutting them which increases the strength of each spoke hole.

The ENVE Foundation Road Hub features ENVE’s core hub technologies. The hub shell uses simplified machining without compromising flange geometry and wheel build stiffness. The drive mechanism uses Instant Drive 360 technology and a 40t ratchet to deliver responsive engagement, minimal drag, and low maintenance performance. The bearings are premium full contact sealed NTN steel bearings. The Rotor attachment is centre-lock.

The Foundation 65mm Wheelset comes with ENVE’s leading Incident Protection and 5 Year warranty. The 5 Year Warranty protects buyers from defects in material and workmanship. The Lifetime Incident Protection program protects owners from damage caused to their wheels while riding, crashing, or transporting their bikes.

Key Features

Depth: 65mm
Inner rim width: 21mm
Rim Weight: 510 grams
Wheelset Weight: 1620g
Internal Molded Spoke Holes
Hole count: 24/24
Aero optimised for 25cc to 28cc tubeless tires
ENVE Foundation Road Alloy hub with ID360 40t ratchet
Sapim CX Sprint spokes
Tubeless compatible only. Hookless Construction. May run inner-tubes with tubeless tire
Centre-lock disc brake only
Incident Protection and 5 Year warranty