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NEW ENVE SES 3.4/DT Swiss 240 EXP Road Disc Wheelset

Image of NEW ENVE SES 3.4/DT Swiss 240 EXP Road Disc Wheelset
NEW ENVE SES 3.4/DT Swiss 240 EXP Road Disc Wheelset
NEW ENVE SES 3.4/DT Swiss 240 EXP Road Disc Wheelset

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NEW ENVE SES 3.4/DT Swiss 240 EXP Road Disc Wheelset

Front Axle Type
Rear Axle Type
Star Ratchet Upgrade
Freehub Body
Tubeless Sealant
Centre Lock to ISO 6 Bolt Adaptor
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Over a decade since its introduction, the Smart ENVE System (SES) wheel line continues to deliver on the promise of real-world aero performance for discerning performance minded road cyclists and triathletes. Real-world aero performance to ENVE means developing rims and components that perform not just in the wind tunnel, but on the open road, on any bike at the speeds riders spend most of their time at. To deliver on this promise, the SES rim line-up continues to feature front and rear rims that are developed for the specific flow field for which they are intended. Front rims are designed to maximize stability and handling while rear rims are optimized for drag reduction. New for 2022, is a refined SES line-up that maintains SES aero excellence and raises the bar for the weight, strength, tubeless, and versatility requirements of the modern road cyclist and triathlete.

Rims - New ENVE SES 3.4 - Versatile, aero, light and fast, the SES 3.4 has been a staple in the SES wheel family since 2010. The new SES 3.4 takes the best features of the previous generation 3.4 and 3.4 AR to make the ultimate modern road wheelset for the rider looking to ride all roads. From the cruel terrain of Unbound Gravel to the summit of the highest mountains, there is nothing more versatile than the SES 3.4 - nothing. The Swiss Army Knife of wheels, the SES 3.4 is the one wheelset adept in any terrain or conditions. It’s the one wheelset quiver that shines across all terrain and surface conditions

Rim Specs




Rim Weight (g)



Rim Depth (mm)



Bead Type


Tyre Type

Tubeless Ready

External Rim Width (mm)



Internal Rim Width (mm)



Hole Count



Compatible Tyre Size Range (mm)

27 - 50


Hubs - DT Swiss 240 EXP J Bend - Swiss precision engineering, machining and assembly together with clever detail solutions have made of the 240 what it is today: A legend. The strengths of the new 240 hub are further enhanced with the new RATCHET EXP technology on the rear hub. The ultra-reliable freehub system transfers the highest pedaling loads resulting in direct power transmission. Just what athletes want: Perfect transmission of their power and the reliability allowing them to focus on the ride.

Spokes - Sapim CX Ray black

Complete with 2 layers of ENVE tubeless rim tape and valves fitted

Spoke Count/Lacing Pattern - 24/2x front and rear

Calculated Wheelset Weight (excluding rim tape and valves) 1,318g