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DT Swiss 240 EXP SP Front Road Hub (20 Hole)

Image of DT Swiss 240 EXP SP Front Road Hub (20 Hole)

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DT Swiss 240 EXP SP Front Road Hub (20 Hole)

Reference: H24PAAQXR20SA4796S

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Straight Pull version of the super-light sealed bearing 240 EXP hub

Swiss precision engineering, machining and assembly together with clever detail solutions have made of the 240 what it is today: A legend. The strengths of the new 240 hub are further enhanced with the new RATCHET EXP technology on the rear. The ultra-reliable freehub system transfers the highest pedaling loads resulting in direct power transmission. Just what athletes want: Perfect transmission of their power and the reliability allowing them to focus on the ride.

The new EXP hub configuration allows for wider placement of the bearings in the rear hub – moving the driveside bearing over 7mm towards the dropout. Increased bearing spacing means improved rear wheel stiffness of around an extra 15%.

Weight: 102 g