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Chris King

Chris King Logo


Chris King are without question one of the world’s premium bike component brands. We have been building on their hubs since we first started back in 2012 and have never failed to be impressed with their consistent quality and intricate freehub design.

They have an extensive range of R45 road centerlock disc hubs as well as MTB centerlock disc with 10 different colour options to choose from.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in 10 colours
  • Highly versatile hub shell design making swapping between different axle and freehub standards very easy
  • Centerlock Boost MTB with with 72 points of engagement on the freehub
  • R45 (road) centrelock with 45 points of engagement on the freehub
  • Highly distinctive sound from rear freehub AKA ‘Chris King Buzz’
  • Legendary bearing quality as a result of in house bearing manufacturing
  • Ceramic bearing upgrade option
  • Serviceability and longevity – We have resurrected many neglected hubs 
  • Can be serviced by a competent person given the correct tools and training

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