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ENVE M730 MTB Wheelset

Image of ENVE M730 MTB Wheelset
ENVE M730 MTB Wheelset
ENVE M730 MTB Wheelset
ENVE M730 MTB Wheelset

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ENVE M730 MTB Wheelset

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The all new ENVE M Series M730 Rim

Say goodbye to heavy, expensive, challenging to install, ride compromising tyre inserts that are designed to help eliminate pinch flats and rim damage but ultimately fail to deliver on the promise. ENVE's protective rim strip is made using a specially formulated material that acts as an extremely durable bumper between unforgiving obstacles in the trail and durable carbon fibre. The result is the near elimination of "pinch" or "snake bite" flat tyres. Consequently, most carbon rims are broken and damaged after the tyre has lost air pressure and the tyre's air pressure is no longer offering protection to the rim. The ENVE promise is that their patent pending rim strip technology will result is less flat tyres, fewer damaged rims and more time riding how you want. That is with no limitations . . .

Application: Enduro & Downhill
Designed for bikes with 130-180mm travel
Tyre width: 2.3in – 2.5in wide
Internal rim width: 30mm
External rim width: 36mm
Rim depth: 27mm
Includes tubeless protective rim strip for pinch-flat protection
32 moulded spoke holes per rim
Rim weight: 492g

Hubs - Numerous Options

Spokes - Choice of Sapim CX Ray or Force in black

Spoke Count 32 hole, 2 cross lacing front and rear

Covered by ENVE Factory Limited Warranty & Incidental Damage Protection Programme

Supplied complete with ENVE tubeless rim strip and valves